Brad J. Murray (halfjack) wrote,
Brad J. Murray

Diaspora artwork

So we've decided to go "art light" on Diaspora, which basically means that I get to do it myself. Now the problem here is that most of the really useful art will be of space craft, because they are the most evocative visual part of the setting (such as it is) and so it's a great place for people to get their grips on things. Thing is, they are very geometric and I'm not real good at that. I played around with Blender, but that's not what I want either.

So I settled on this diagrammatic "blueprint" style that I can do fairly quickly but that produces the kind of thing I want to convey. I think. It'll tak e a few dozen before I get the hang of increasing variation, but overall I'm pleased I think.

Other bits coming along nicely. If I can get my colleagues to get the editing engine happening, we could be in print by February.
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