Brad J. Murray (halfjack) wrote,
Brad J. Murray

Diaspora proceeds

After much discussion with my co-authors, I've revised the Diaspora cover. The titling font is now Skia, which I wasn't pleased with at first but after balancing colours and playing with some simple drop shadows for contrast, actually works pretty well. Toph had the bright idea of including a cluster diagram in the cover and it's a cool idea in the end -- it's emblematic of the game and at the same time echoes the shapes in the bubble chamber graphic that dominates.

The structure is pretty solid now I think and the text is almost ready to go to typeset, though I want a little more attention to it from the table first (we went to typeset too fast last time around).

What about interior art, though? I've considered doing it myself but I'm not a very accomplished illustrator. I can do the diagrammatic stuff but any actual people or vehicles are probably best left to a professional or left out. I'm considering pestering Storn Cook if we decide to actually pay for work.
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