Brad J. Murray (halfjack) wrote,
Brad J. Murray

I whipped up a cover image for Diaspora this afternoon using some simple graphics software and a bubble chamber simulator from the awesome Complexification site. Well that and a few minutes with Blender (which I still pretty much completely fail to grasp). I found a font I love but have settled for one I can afford. My preference would be to use Palatino Sans both for titling and body text, but not at that price. I hate to settle, but settle I must.

So instead I'm titling with Gill Sans, a nifty sans serif from the twenties that suits my needs (which is to say, it is installed with my operating system). It seems a bit static for body text though. In the body I'd really prefer Optima but I don't want to get covered in Traveller. Any ideas for a sans serif font with plenty of thickness variation and otherwise well suited to text? Or a Modern era roman would work too, I guess. Maybe there's something in the middle where the two meet.

EDIT: Going with a classic for interior type I think: Palatino.
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