Brad J. Murray (halfjack) wrote,
Brad J. Murray


So a long time ago my gaming table, enamoured with Spirit of the Century and nostalgiac for Traveller, spent a good deal of energy creating Spirit of the Far Future. It's an homage to Traveller built with Fate. It's also probably not going to get finished because Mongoose scooped us with a frankly inferior product and now own the license exclusively.

So we could surrender.

Or we could file off the Traveller product identity and make a kind of white-chocolate Traveller.

Or we could use the new bits to make a new game: harder sf than Traveller, packed with the cool of Fate, and with a target market of, well, ourselves. Thus, Diaspora begins. Currently we are hacking, brainstorming, and playtesting. There's some communication on the SotFF mailing list and the Fate mailing list.

And I get to make cool star maps.

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